Cliffco Mortgage Bankers recently announced their intention to make a sizable investment into the non-QM market and to leverage technology to better serve their buyers and referral partners. Non-QM or non-Qualified Mortgages are a type of product that is often viewed as more risky due to the lack of qualifying criteria required by mortgage lenders.

In their effort to gain a foothold in this space, Cliffco is looking to capitalize on their strong market presence combined with technology initiatives to connect with buyers and referral partners. These initiatives may range from devising new products, improving accessibility through web or App portals, or utilizing AI or other automated solutions that enable faster and more convenient loan processing and approval.

The key points of this summary include:

• Cliffco Mortgage Bankers investing into the non-QM market
• Leveraging technology to build relationships with buyers and referral partners
• Goal is to capitalize on their strong market presence
• Take advantage of technology initiatives
• Possible product innovations, website/App portals, or AI/ automation solutions for loan processing

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