ICE Mortgage Technology, a leading provider of mortgage software solutions, has announced a groundbreaking partnership that will give lenders access to investment advisory advice directly through their Encompass platform. This new collaboration aims to enhance the lending experience for both borrowers and lenders by integrating financial planning and investment guidance into the mortgage process.

Key points from the announcement:

– ICE Mortgage Technology has formed a strategic alliance to offer lenders access to investment advisory advice within their Encompass platform.
– This innovative partnership aims to streamline the mortgage journey by providing borrowers with seamless access to expert financial planning and investment guidance.
– By integrating investment advisory services directly into the Encompass platform, lenders can now offer their customers a comprehensive and holistic approach to mortgage lending.
– This collaboration reflects ICE Mortgage Technology’s commitment to continuously improving their software solutions to meet the evolving needs of the mortgage industry.
– The integration of investment advisory advice within Encompass is expected to enhance the overall efficiency, transparency, and customer experience in the mortgage process.

This groundbreaking partnership between ICE Mortgage Technology and the investment advisory industry signals a new era in mortgage lending, where borrowers can benefit from more comprehensive financial guidance throughout their mortgage journey.

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