Building your company as a private lender is a herculean task, one that can not be done just through one’s client base. Therefore, it is very important to grow your professional network to build your lending portfolio. Furthermore, networking with like-minded individuals helps to forge new relationships with professionals and colleagues in the industry. This is because it invariably saves you as a private lender the trouble of meeting up with new investors day-in-day-out since your networks are most inclined to be your potential investors.

Having a solid reputation outside one’s inner circle is very important to grow the business as a private lender. Thus, before rushing to spend huge amounts on billboard adverts and radio jingles, bring along a couple of business cards and a 5-minute pitch of your business to the next social event you will be attending. Introduce yourself and your company to strangers, give a voice to your accomplishments and network.

Networking can seem stressful and unproductive, particularly if not done in the right manner. You don’t just meet someone on the elevator and start pitching. It would help if you were certain your interests align. Below are some avenues to network successfully as a private lender;

  • Social Media; With platforms such as LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook, which gives room for unlimited communication globally.
  • Conferences with a strong focus on placing and making deals happen.
  • Trade shows
  • Real Estate Investment Clubs
  • Auctions
  • Community Groups.

Whether you engage with individuals online or in person, maintaining your professional network is critical to increasing your prospects in the private loan industry. To read more on how you can grow your professional network and the benefits of doing such in the private lending business, click here.

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