One of the most effective ways to accumulate wealth is through homeownership. Equity boosts a person’s net worth, allowing them to accumulate long-term wealth passed down through generations. Unfortunately, not everyone has easy access to homeownership. It can be far more difficult for people in underprivileged neighbourhoods to realize the American goal of homeownership. That is why many people in the mortgage sector are working hard to level the playing field.

By utilizing loan tools like Equifax’s The Work Number, the sector can help establish a path for more people to generate generational wealth through homeownership. Additionally, lenders may assist ensure that the path to homeownership is a path that anyone, regardless of circumstance, can walk down by using technology that provides easy access to a larger scope of trusted and safe information.

According to the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, 26 million Americans are “credit invisible,” which means they have no credit history or are living with subprime credit (scores below 668), and another 19 million are “thin file” consumers, who have insufficient data to generate a traditional credit score.

With the disadvantages these people encounter, the road to homeownership might feel like a long one for certain communities. However, the Work Number can help ease the loan origination process for mortgage lenders trying to streamline it. It is a crucial tool that gives lenders the data to make more educated decisions, from providing fast access to information to perhaps shortening the closing process.

The Work Number provides exceptional customer service but also assists lenders in establishing a speedier path to revenue. To read more about other techniques that lenders can employ to help marginalized communities, click here.

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