The Mortgage industry is always evolving, and two home price indices suggest prices are at an all-time high. Home prices are slowly rising, giving indications that the industry is healthy and prices are beginning to show slight increases.

Metro-level hotness scores also suggest that Northern per caps have an edge over Southern MSAs. This is indicative of increasingly hot real estate markets, as many Northerners are taking advantage of the housing market’s current conditions. As such, more Northerners are closing on homes, leading to increases in home values and a reduction in inventory.

Below are the most important elements of the text in bullet point form:

• Two home price indices indicate that prices are high and increasing
• Metro-level hotness scores show Northern MSAs gaining an edge over Southern MSAs
• Housing market is hot, with Northerners taking advantage of current conditions
• Increase in home values and reduction in inventory due to people closing on homes

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