The article from HousingWire discusses how the impacts of the coronavirus pandemic have led to lenders taking more steps to better care for their home borrower customers in order to improve their over all experiences. This has created an environment where lenders are now more inclined to permanently adjust their customer service policies to better encompass the specific needs of their customers.

The article notes that pre-pandemic, lenders commonly used a “cookie-cutter” approach that worked for the majority of their customer base. With an influx of customer assistance needs due to the coronavirus, lenders were forced to provide more personalized solutions on a case-by-case basis, along with more specialized customer service policies. Companies have now noted that many of their customers have adapted to their new policies and individualized service, which has created the basis for more permanent changes.

The article highlights that homeowner care has become increasingly important during the pandemic as people are dealing with unprecedented hardships in their personal and professional lives. Additionally, lenders have also become more aware of their customer’s unique needs and have had to learn how to handle cases differently. Specifically, they have had to adjust policies and provide more options on assistance plans depending on each of their customer’s unique situations.

The article points out that while the pandemic has created an environment where lenders have had to reevaluate the customer service they provide and make quick changes to better assist their customers, the positive impacts of these changes extends beyond the pandemic. Lenders have recognized their customer’s need for more personalized service and more individualized assistance plans and hope to create permanent policies that will better meet the needs of their customers in the long-term.

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