The housing market is facing some significant challenges due to various economic and market forces. Despite a recent uptick in sales, home prices continue to outpace wages, limiting housing affordability for many home buyers. Additionally, inventory remains negative year over year, raising concerns for both buyers and sellers.

As a result, consumers and industry experts alike are searching for ways to help both buyers and sellers navigate the turbulent market. Mortgages have remained attractive to many buyers, but higher prices are pushing more buyers into higher loan amounts. Increased regulation has made obtaining a mortgage more difficult, as lenders must adapt to an increasingly complex market. For sellers, the shortage of inventory means fewer buyers to compete for their properties, resulting in skills and resources needed to successfully list a property.

Main Points:
• Sales have increased, home prices are outpacing wages
• Inventory is negative year over year
• Mortgages remain attractive to buyers though more regulation has made obtaining them more difficult
• Sellers are facing a shortage of buyers and need more resources and skills to list property

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