The mortgage market is feeling the effects of the current economic landscape. A number of economists are forecasting that rates are projected to remain in the 6% – 7% range for the remainder of the year. This means lenders are facing an increased burden and must continue adapting their strategies in response to the current mortgage market conditions.

Starting from the homebuyer, the higher mortgage rates affect the affordability of any given home, resulting in fewer borrowers eligible to take on a loan. This in turn affects lenders’ profits, as they can’t access as much capital as they normally would, forcing them to closely limit their menu of loan products. For lenders, this includes taking additional steps such as providing minimal loan-to-value loans and higher credit score requirements.

Most important elements of the text:
– Rates projected to remain in 6-7% range throughout the year
– Higher rates make homes less affordable
– Lenders face increased burden to provide minimal loan-to-value loans and higher credit score requirements

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