A coalition of 32 housing groups recently unveiled their collaborative effort called “Blueprint 2024,” a comprehensive document that lays out a series of potential actions for agencies to consider when addressing their Duty to Serve plans. Aimed at tackling the ever-growing housing crisis, this strategic blueprint offers a wealth of insights and recommendations to ensure affordable housing options are accessible for all. The coalition’s collective expertise and industry knowledge contribute to its authority in providing guidance for policymakers and stakeholders within the mortgage industry.

Key takeaways from the Blueprint 2024 include:

1. Enhancing affordable housing finance: The coalition proposes innovative financing mechanisms to address funding gaps and expand the availability of affordable housing options. This includes exploring new funding sources, developing loan products tailored for underserved communities, and empowering local organizations to play a larger role in affordable housing initiatives.

2. Expanding access to credit: To help underserved communities, the coalition puts forward strategies to ease certain lending restrictions, allowing low-income borrowers to have a fair chance at obtaining mortgage loans. This includes revisiting credit score requirements, creating flexible underwriting standards, and encouraging affordable homeownership counseling.

3. Advancing sustainable housing practices: Recognizing the urgent need for environmentally friendly initiatives, the Blueprint 2024 highlights the importance of incorporating sustainability into the housing industry. It recommends incentives for energy-efficient and resilient building practices, facilitating the adoption of green technologies, and promoting affordable housing that is both environmentally and economically sustainable.

4. Strengthening partnerships and collaborations: The coalition emphasizes the significance of cross-sector partnerships to achieve meaningful progress. By forging alliances between housing organizations, government entities, and private sector stakeholders, the Blueprint 2024 underscores the power of collaborative efforts in finding viable solutions to the housing crisis.

In summary, the “Blueprint 2024” presented by the coalition of 32 housing groups serves as a comprehensive roadmap to address the housing crisis through achievable actions related to financing, credit access, sustainable practices, and partnerships. This authoritative document holds the potential to shape the future of affordable housing policies and instigate positive change within the mortgage industry.

You can read this full article at: https://www.housingwire.com/articles/housing-coalition-publishes-recommendations-for-gses-duty-to-serve-plans/(subscription required)

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