The U.S. House recently passed a new bill in a united GOP Conference. The bill was supported unanimously by all GOP members and 14 Democrats crossed the aisle and offered their support. This display of bipartisan unity reflects the urgency of this particular bill, as the entire U.S. House agreed that this bill is necessary.

This new bill promises to have far-reaching implications for the mortgage industry, especially in an era where the economic landscape is constantly shifting. The bill promises to offer added security and reliability to those who work in mortgage, and to create a sense of predictability for those who use mortgages to secure their homes or businesses. This stability will lift many of the burdens associated with the housing sector, allocating resources and time to projects that will bring about long-term growth to communities.

• Passage of bill in U.S. House – Unanimously supported by GOP Conference & 14 Democrats crossing aisle
• Bill could bring far-reaching implications to the mortgage industry
• Increased security & reliability for those working in the mortgage sector
• Added sense of predictability for those using mortgages to secure homes & business
• Stability positive for housing sector, freeing up resources & time to bring about long-term growth to communities

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