As home ownership continues to be a cornerstone of the American Dream, the relationship between homeowners and real estate professionals is an important factor in achieving long-term success in the housing market. The mortgage industry is developing tools to help foster this relationship with homeowners by providing valuable resources.

These tools enable homeowners to be more informed and proactive in their relationship with the housing market. They range from insights into their home’s value, access to reliable maintenance and remodel services, monitoring of current mortgage rate trends, and much more. With the access to these powerful tools, homeowners can make more educated decisions about their homes and mortgages.

The following are some of the key highlights of this initiative:
• Home Value Insights – Provide homeowners visibility to their home value and insights into the current market
• Maintenance & Renovations – Allow access to reliable maintenance services as well as remodeling options
• Mortgage Rates – Receive up-to-date information about the current mortgage interest rate trends so homeowners can make best decisions possible
• Other Resources – Additional resources offered to homeowners to aid in their home-buying and mortgage journey.

By equipping homeowners with the right resources, they are better able to make more informed decisions beneficial to their long-term success in the mortgage industry. This helps to further strengthen the relationship between homeowners and real estate professionals. Utilizing new tools and resources, the mortgage industry is well-positioned to maximize the value of home ownership for all stakeholders.

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