In a recent conversation with the CEO and Co-Founder of Homebot, Ernie Graham, on what it means for professionals in the lending industry to provide clients forever and how Homebot is involved through the entire home buying process, particularly with the home search, he said; “It entails keeping the loan officer in touch with previous consumers after the transaction is completed.” And Homebot helps in this regard by assisting the lender in providing intrinsically valuable content to those clients.

For the consumer, this translates to understanding every available financial alternative with their home and being informed of the best period to sell, rent, redesign, or refund. According to Graham, Homebot makes this information available in real-time. While many people think of homeownership as a way to grow wealth, it doesn’t begin with purchasing a property. As a result, Homebot is extending its knowledge to the very beginning: “The search for a home.”

Graham describes the feature as “home search with a twist.” He explained that the twist is to provide financial information for each listing that potential home buyers look at to assist them in determining affordability and investment value. And this isn’t the only thing that Homebot has to offer. The company has also developed a Chrome plugin. It’s called Homebot for Chrome, and it’s also compatible with Zillow. As a result, even while their clients are searching on Zillow, lenders are practically sitting in the backseat with them.

To learn more about Homebot and how it is aiding lenders in the quest of being at the forefront of Online search, click here.

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