Guild, a prominent player in the mortgage industry, made a noteworthy addition to its team in 2021 by hiring highly experienced mortgage executive James Seely. This move came as a result of Guild’s acquisition of Residential Mortgage Holdings, a deal that marked an important milestone for both companies. Seely, a veteran in the industry, brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to Guild, which is expected to enhance the company’s capabilities and further establish its position in the competitive mortgage market.

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– Guild, a leading mortgage company, hired James Seely in 2021 after acquiring Residential Mortgage Holdings.
– The acquisition of Residential Mortgage Holdings represents an important development for both Guild and Residential Mortgage Holdings.
– James Seely is a seasoned mortgage executive with significant industry experience.
– Seely’s addition to Guild is anticipated to bolster the company’s capabilities and strengthen its presence in the competitive mortgage market.

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