The Global Positioning System (GPS) is a satellite-based navigation system that works in any weather conditions, anywhere in the world, 24 hours a day. There are no subscription fees or setup charges to use GPS. The receiver can determine the user’s position and record it on an electronic map. Certain atmospheric factors and other sources of error can affect the accuracy of GPS.  They tell me GPS satellites are powered by solar energy but have backup batteries onboard to keep them powered up in the event of a solar eclipse and rocket boosters keep them flying in the correct path.

Did you know you have an internal GPS that works in a very similar fashion?  Just as with the GPS Tracking System you can use your GPS to experience unprecedented success regardless of circumstances, weather, other environmental interference; atmospheric factors, and other sources of errors or circumstances which may slow you down. It will keep you on track, power you up, guide you to success and record your progress on a daily basis.  No subscription fees are necessary to turn on your personal GPS which consists of:

Getting started – From Inertia to Action

Most individuals have a problem with getting started.  To activate your GPS, you have to get moving.  In the words of Albert Einstein, “nothing happens unless something moves” and he got that right for sure.  Unfortunately in the note business or any other business for that matter, you just can’t wait for something to happen.  A moving object usually stays in motion.  I just returned from a marketing and exchange meeting where everyone was talking about why nothing is happening!  My answer was simple but not very popular and that was, “What have you been doing in the last week to put together a transaction?  How many people did you network with? How many calls did you make? How many responses to preliminary proposals did you execute? How many ideas did you brainstorm with associates? How many good ideas did you implement?

Trust me; nothing is going to “happen” until you take the knowledge, the ability, and the training you already have to GET STARTED. So do something, even if it is wrong.  I have learned more from my mistakes and errors than I have with my successes – so Start doing something today. Get up to bat and if you’re afraid you might strike out, let the last ball hit you and walk the base, but at least you’ll get somewhere. From the second base at least you’ve moved and had the opportunity to run to second when someone else hits the ball. You’ll be moving by default, but at least you’ll be moving.

Persistence – Keep moving 

You have no use for a Tracking System if you’re not persistently moving in the direction toward success. I know about the problems you will encounter, they tell me even the GPS can get screwed up by changes in the atmosphere and the environment.  You will encounter some of the same situations. There could be volcanic action to your transaction, at least one earthquake mostly due to unexpected shifts in the plates of your negotiation, or a slight movement in your plan of action. Things either won’t come together or come together at the wrong timing or just not quite fit the situation.  But, you will find a way over, under, around, or through with practiced persistence.  During a trip from LA to Miami a few years ago we experienced a dreadful detour in El Paso, TX.  It took us a half-day longer, cost an additional night in a hotel, and untold aggravation. But, I will guarantee you; we didn’t settle down, get a job and set up housekeeping in El Paso. We didn’t turn around and go back to LA either. We got out our map, found a new route, got back on track, and kept moving.  Why?  We had a goal – a definite purpose, a commitment, a destination and we had made a commitment to be there. No emergencies or problems could stop us.  We not only arrived but with enthusiasm, and thankfulness to have arrived on time at the designated location.  You can do the same, but you must Get Started, be Persistent, and Set a Goal.

Setting the Goal – Determining your Destination 

Every pilot is required to file a flight plan and a part of that plan is to determine the destination.  Built into the GPS system for your business there must be a definite “destination” clearly indicated.  The system simply cannot TRACK your progress or keep you tracking without a predetermined destination. In the Global Tracking System, the Satellite rotates twice in a 24 hour period.  It is no different in our personal GPS.  Before retiring for the night, mentally review your plan for the next day and when you get up, take another look at the daily planner and prepare for your presentation, your appointment, or your phone calls for the day. Your flight plan sets the course in the development of your plan of action. Without a clear-cut direction in business or in life for that matter, we are easy prey and target for buying into someone else’s belief system and allowing others to plan our course.

Life without a goal is like entering a jewel mine and coming out empty handled. Successful people are Goal-Oriented People – they know what they want, they are happy people because they know where they are going. They have the enthusiasm that surmounts every obstacle that finds a way around, over, or under the obstacle.  In fact, they consider every obstacle as simply an opportunity turned upside down.   This enthusiasm keeps them optimistic. Goal-oriented people are enthusiastic people, they are fighters, they are doers, and they are creative. They think in terms of possibilities and learn to “Color outside the lines”.  They have a burning desire to get to where they are going. They have the attitude, nothing will stop them. They detour at times but keep even moving forward and motivated towards what it is they want to achieve.

The “handheld” GPS System

There are Handheld GPS devices available in stores everywhere these days. Get the kind you can put together yourself as there is no standard one size fits all type. There are no fees or subscriptions – you simply put your own together piece by piece. Don’t delay. Keeping this device in your hand or in your pocket each day will guarantee success. Put yours together; take it with you everywhere you go to stay on track. Get started working on your Plan each day: persist regardless of interference and it will keep you goal-oriented.

This article was modified from an article originally written by Roberta Standen and posted to this site on 2016/03/19.