Glenn Sanford, founder of eXp Holdings, is at the forefront of integrating AI with his brokerage and taking advantage of its potential. AI and its innovative tools can be used to improve efficiency, reduce risk, and drive success. In a recent survey, Sanford revealed that AI is used in various areas of his business such as analytics, automation, marketing, and customer service.

With this use of AI, eXp Holdings is able to identify trends, better understand customer behavior, automate processes, and optimize existing practices. AI can give invaluable insights into customer data, allowing Sanford and his team to provide personalized and targeted approaches to clients. AI-driven features and services can provide customers with more efficient and accurate services, improving the customer experience and increasing loyalty.

Key Points:
• Glenn Sanford using AI in his brokerage
• AI used for analytics, automation, marketing, and customer service
• AI to identify trends and better understand customer behavior
• AI-driven features and services to provide customers with efficient and accurate services
• Improved customer experience and increased loyalty

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