The acquisition of Black Knight by Interactive Corporation (ICE) cleared a major regulatory hurdle recently. The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) agreed to dismiss a court case that had blocked the merger deal from closing. As a result, the US regulatory agency has effectively concluded the investigation into the merger, allowing ICE to complete the acquisition.

This acquisition has significant implications for the mortgage industry, especially the efforts of ICE to provide greater access to modern automation and technology to mortgage loan originators, servicers, real estate professionals, consumers and investors. With Black Knight in its portfolio, ICE is looking to create a more comprehensive and efficient digital experience for customers in the mortgage industry. Some of the benefits that such a merger could bring to the mortgage industry include:

• Improved technologies and proprietary data: from Black Knight, ICE will gain access to a variety of proprietary technology and data that can enable enhanced customer experience.

• Streamlined operations: The companies’ complementary technology and services will unite to make complicated mortgage services and processes more efficient and integrated.

• Automated and analytical insight into customer trends: The increased capabilities of Black Knight’s managed services combined with ICE’s existing technology may provide unprecedented insights into customer trends and preferences.

With the closure of the FTC’s investigation, ICE’s acquisition of Black Knight can now move forward. This merger of two major players in the mortgage industry promises to bring considerable changes in the way customers access and use mortgage services.

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