Home insurance is a crucial financial safeguard for homeowners that protect from financial liabilities and significant losses. Unfortunately, those in Washington state are seeing an increase in the rate of denials and cancellations, as reported by the Seattle Times.

The Seattle Times report identified a few possible causes for the cancellations and denials. Among these are the rising cost of homeowners insurance, as well as a shift in underwriting requirements, which have resulted in more people qualifying as higher-risk. Another suggested cause was an increase in natural disasters and extreme weather events, which have led to more costly and frequent claims.

Important Elements of the Text:
• Increasing rate of home insurance denials and cancellations in Washington state
• Possible causes: rising cost of home insurance, shift in underwriting requirements, increase in natural disasters
• Protective measure for homeowners from financial liabilities and significant losses

You can read this full article at: https://www.housingwire.com/articles/washington-the-latest-state-to-see-insurers-pull-back/(subscription required)

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