In the mortgage industry, news has recently emerged that Inga Dow, who had made a number of sexual misconduct claims against Keller Williams and its co-founder, Gary Keller, has dropped them all. However, this does not mean that all the controversies are behind the company – there are still two claims against its former CEO, John Davis.

This news has led to mixed reactions from the industry. On the one hand, many are relieved that the company is likely to overcome this difficult period much sooner than previously thought. On the other hand, some feel that this may leave those victimized by the alleged sexual misconduct, without a route for justice.

Most Important Elements:
• Inga Dow has dropped her sexual misconduct claims against Keller Williams and Gary Keller
• Ex-CEO John Davis still faces two claims
• Relief mixed with concern from the industry
• Difficult period may be ending sooner than previously thought
• Victims of alleged sexual misconduct may not have a route for justice

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