First American, a leading mortgage industry player, has successfully restored its network and employee email system after a recent cyber attack. The company, along with its affiliated bank, faced disruption due to this breach, but prompt action and robust cybersecurity measures have allowed them to resume their operations.

Here are the key details from the text:

– First American, a major player in the mortgage industry, experienced a cyber attack.
– The attack affected the company’s network and employee email system.
– First American’s affiliated bank was also impacted by the breach.
– The company has successfully restored its network and employee email system.
– Swift action and strong cybersecurity measures were implemented to address the breach.
– Following the restoration, First American and its affiliated bank can now resume their operations.

This cyber attack highlights the constant threat faced by companies in the mortgage industry and the crucial importance of maintaining robust cybersecurity protocols. With their network and systems back online, First American can now focus on ensuring the security and privacy of their customers’ sensitive information.

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