There’s nothing quite like a New Year – a clean page, a new leaf, a fresh start, another chance. The New Year is the logical time to identify and set new goals. No, I am not referring to resolutions made and broken by mid-February or sooner. I’m not talking about a “dream”. I’m talking about setting a Specific Goal, and the development of a Plan of Action to get you where you want to go.

Like most of you, I typically start the New Year by looking back on the past 12 months, evaluating progress made, focusing and adjusting our plan of action based on lessons learned from mistakes, and then concentrating on realistic aspirations for the next 12 months.

But this year was not typical. Last November we approached plans for the New Year with an honest “reality check”. As in the “reality show” where even their own mother does not recognize them, we discovered that it’s the time to do an “extreme makeover” of our business, it’s time to perform reconstructive surgery; time to perform liposuction surgery by trimming the extra fat and even are considering a shiny new “nose job”.

But, whether you decide on an “extreme makeover” or simply some modest changes brought about by setting some realistic goals, it is important that you set goals after careful soul searching, taking as much time as needed to be specific. Identify where you want to be in a year from now, even two years from now. Then develop a plan of action and a time frame to get you there.

For those of you that are new in the cash flow business, let me share with you the importance of setting specific goals when putting together your business plan for success. A “Goal” is more than a hazy, “Oh, I wish I could” or “Maybe someday I will”, or a mere wish that something would happen. A goal is a definite objective – a definite purpose. Goals give you drive, enthusiasm, and move you into the action of making something happen. A goal will give you direction. People with clear-cut goals develop a burning desire to get where they want to go. They have the attitude, this is where I am going, and “nothing will stop me”. Goals give you impetus. I can tell if someone has a Goal within the first few seconds. It’s on the tip of their tongue.

Franz Katfka, an early 20th Century Jewish writer said, “There’s a point beyond which there can be no turning back”, and that is the point which must be reached if you are to be successful in the business.

Some of you reading this article may be at the crossroads of whether you are going to continue in the cash flow business and/or at what level. Some may even be considering leaving the business to get a “real job”. I have found that there comes a point when you have to stop dreaming and start building a business.

Some people are just spectators, they sit on the sidelines, wishing they were successful, wishing they had the guts to be “in the game” some even have the trappings of success, but they never took the chance, took the leap, and actually dug in and “did the deals”. They talk a lot. They are really frozen with fear inside. They get up to bat, sometimes hit the ball, but then are stuck on first base, afraid to run to first base. I’ve got news for you, “you can’t get to first base until your get your foot off of home plate”. I suggest you take a deep breath, step back for a minute and then sit down and set a realistic goal for the New Year – be specific by writing it down. Then develop a Plan of Action, Set a time limit and then go for it with all your might. Believe you will succeed and you will.

Note Servicing Center will be taking the business to the next level with an Extreme Makeover. We have instructed our staff to fasten their seatbelts and get prepared to implement an aggressive vision for delivering additional services while holding to the high standards of that progressive vision. Our vision is clear, our plan is in place and our determination is strong. We are determined to let you know that we are your Note Servicing Company, NOT your competitor, it is not part of our marketing plan to purchase notes. Servicing will continue to be our only business while providing education and support to the Cash Flow Business.

This article was modified from an article originally written by Roberta Standen and posted to this site on 2004/01/12.