Dark Matter Technologies, a leading provider of innovative solutions for the mortgage industry, has announced its strategic partnership with Informative Research to enhance the borrower experience. The collaboration aims to assist lenders in improving pull-through rates for borrowers who have a proven track record of consecutive rent payments.

• Dark Matter Technologies and Informative Research have joined forces to address the challenge of increasing pull-through rates for lenders.
• The partnership focuses on borrowers who have demonstrated consistent rental payment history.
• By leveraging Dark Matter Technologies’ advanced tools and Informative Research’s extensive data, lenders can make more informed decisions regarding these borrowers.
• The collaboration aims to streamline the loan origination process by providing lenders with comprehensive insights into the financial stability of potential borrowers.
• Through this partnership, lenders can identify reliable borrowers who may not have had previous credit opportunities.
• By considering consecutive rent payment history, lenders can better assess creditworthiness and enhance their pull-through rates.
• The combined expertise of Dark Matter Technologies and Informative Research aims to empower lenders and promote financial inclusion by utilizing alternative credit metrics.

This strategic partnership between Dark Matter Technologies and Informative Research holds great promise for the mortgage industry, as it enables lenders to make more accurate and inclusive lending decisions. Through the consideration of consecutive rent payment history, lenders can identify trustworthy borrowers who may have been excluded by traditional credit analysis methods. Ultimately, this collaboration aims to improve pull-through rates and drive success for lenders while ensuring a fair and equitable borrowing experience for all.

You can read this full article at: https://www.housingwire.com/articles/empowers-new-workflow-makes-it-easier-for-lenders-to-consider-rent-payments-when-qualifying-first-time-homebuyers/(subscription required)

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