The Department of Justice has had their request in the Nosalek suit concerning MLS PIN settlement approval extended by a U.S. District Court judge in Boston. The extension was granted due to the current condition of the housing industry in the United States, thus giving MLS PIN much needed extra time in an effort to further the market. The extension offers a great benefit to the housing industry and mortgage service providers.

MLS PIN is the service provider of many real estate agents. The arrangement between MLS PIN and real estate agents allows agents to have their property listings included on the MLS PIN’s website. The extension gives more time for MLS PIN to improve market conditions and help agents and clients find suitable housing. It provides additional financial support for agents and clients to complete their transactions, thus taking some of the financial burden off of buyers. Furthermore, it allows realtors to have a competitive edge in negotiating prices for listings and find buyers quickly. This extension of the settlement deadline is a great benefit to the housing and mortgage industries, helping all parties involved.

Key Points:
-U.S. District Court Judge in Boston approved the DOJ’s request to extend MLS PIN’s settlement approval deadline.
-Provides extra time for MLS PIN to improve the market conditions in the housing industry.
-Offers financial relief to buyers with additional competitive edge for realtors in negotiating prices for listings.
-Helps agents and clients find suitable housing and complete transactions with quicker ease.

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