In a recent motion filed by the defendants of the Moehrl commission lawsuit, they strongly assert that the evidence put forward fails to establish any collusion among them. The defendants’ statement comes amid an ongoing legal battle where the plaintiffs have accused them of collective wrongdoing in the mortgage industry. However, the defendants are pushing back against these claims, refuting the supporting evidence and calling into question the lack of substantial proof.

Key points from the motion filed by the defendants include:
• Denial of collusion: The defendants categorically deny the accusations of collusion and maintain their innocence.
• Insufficiency of evidence: They argue that the evidence presented by the plaintiffs is insufficient to substantiate the claims of collusion.
• Contesting credibility: The defendants raise questions about the credibility and relevance of the evidence put forth in the lawsuit.
• Legal implications: This motion is a significant development in the ongoing legal battle between the Moehrl commission lawsuit defendants and plaintiffs, representing a pivotal point in the case.

As the legal proceedings continue, both sides will be closely scrutinized as they present their arguments and evidence. The court will ultimately decide if the plaintiffs’ claims are merited and if the defendants can successfully disprove the allegations of collusion.

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