Reverse mortgage endorsement volume and securities issuance ended on a low note in 2023, concluding a year that was already quite challenging for the mortgage industry. Despite the difficulties faced, industry experts remain watchful as we enter 2024, actively monitoring potential changes and seeking opportunities for growth.

• Reverse mortgage endorsement volume and securities issuance concluded 2023 on a disappointing note.
• The mortgage industry faced numerous challenges throughout the year, which compounded its existing struggles.
• Industry experts are closely observing the developments and changes that lie ahead in 2024.
• Although the hurdles faced in 2023 were significant, experts are staying optimistic and actively seeking opportunities for growth.
• The industry will continue to adapt and evolve to navigate the changing landscape of the mortgage market.
• Experts emphasize the importance of staying informed and adaptable to thrive in this challenging environment.

As the mortgage industry looks ahead to 2024, there is a sense of cautious optimism despite the setbacks faced in the previous year. While reverse mortgage endorsement volume and securities issuance ended on a low note, industry experts understand the need for continuous monitoring and adaptability to thrive in this ever-changing market. With careful observation and a keen eye for opportunities, the industry remains resilient and determined to overcome the challenges that lie ahead.

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