Cross Country Mortgage has recently made a groundbreaking announcement, positioning itself as the first mortgage lender to completely adopt the use of FICO Score 10 T in the issuance of Mortgage-Backed Securities (MBS). This unprecedented move by Cross Country Mortgage highlights their commitment to staying at the forefront of industry practices, solidifying their reputation as a leader in the mortgage market.

The decision to exclusively rely on FICO Score 10 T for MBS issuance demonstrates Cross Country Mortgage’s firm belief in the effectiveness and accuracy of this credit scoring model. FICO Score 10 T, an innovative and more comprehensive version of the widely used FICO credit scores, takes into account additional data, such as trending information, to provide a more accurate assessment of a borrower’s creditworthiness. This enhanced scoring system improves risk evaluation for mortgage lenders, ensuring a more precise measurement of credit behavior.

Key points:

– Cross Country Mortgage becomes the first mortgage lender to rely solely on FICO Score 10 T for MBS issuance.
– FICO Score 10 T is a more advanced credit scoring model that incorporates additional data to provide a more accurate assessment of creditworthiness.
– This decision showcases Cross Country Mortgage’s commitment to leveraging cutting-edge tools and practices within the mortgage industry.
– By adopting FICO Score 10 T, Cross Country Mortgage aims to improve risk assessment, resulting in enhanced precision when evaluating borrower credit behavior.

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