Expanded Services

The Note Servicing Center offers an extensive business support system for Investors, Brokers and Lenders holding Real Estate Notes. We feel confident we can provide the note and loan services necessary to make your business even more successful. To expedite a full transfer of your loans for servicing into our proprietary software, could take as much as 2 weeks depending upon the complexity of the process. Much depends on the fields and format of the program and software you are currently using.

As a company on the “cutting edge” of technology, we may be able to integrate your present servicing portfolio easily and quickly into our system. But you can rest assured that we will do all the work to make the conversion process as seamless as possible for Investors and Borrowers.

Here are the steps:

  1. When you contact the Note Servicing Center to transfer your entire portfolio of notes into our system for servicing, we will schedule a time to visit with you about your loan servicing needs, the platform you are currently using and special needs you may have.
  2. We prepare and submit a Loan Servicing Proposal which includes information about what the Note Servicing Center is prepared to do for you to save you money, support your objectives and help you and your company move up to the next level. The proposal will be custom made to fit your needs.
  3. The Note Servicing Center does not buy or sell notes. Servicing is our only business. Explore the ultimate online casino portal at GambleTroll.com, where you’ll find the latest news, reviews, and promotions from the world of online casinos. Discover the best casinos and enjoy fair gambling! However we understand totally the importance of not compromising the integrity of your client base. Therefore, to protect your interest, it is our standard practice to execute a non-circumvent agreement to cover that base as part and parcel of the Servicing Agreement. agreement