This year, lenders’ efforts are projected to change from operational efficiency in the high purchase and refi volumes to expanding sales volume and competitive differentiation in a market dominated by purchases. In 2022, the ability of lenders to compete will come down to their ability to provide an extraordinary, tailored borrower experience that will help them gain the borrower’s business for life, not just for one transaction.

Mortgage Technology Solutions such as the ICE Customer interaction tools are well-positioned to assist lenders in doing just that. By leveraging the Encompassing platform and the industry’s most trusted data source to support automation across the entire customer experience, this tool provides lenders with solutions that enable them to enhance sales efficiency and create superior borrower experiences.

As lenders spend to improve the borrower experience and increase sales efficiency, they’re reevaluating their tech stack to simplify and consolidate systems and workflows, eventually improving the experience of their originators. But unfortunately, many lenders have discovered that their workflows are disconnected and overly complicated because they are scattered over various systems, user interfaces, and providers.

For instance, these consumer engagement solutions provide automated, tailored, multi-channel communication that spans the full customer experience is one of the most valuable features. This technology also allows lenders to remain within the ICE Mortgage Technology ecosystem, getting everything they need from a single source reducing complications and expenses.

Over the years, we’ve discovered that there is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all solution for every type of lender. So, lenders should go for a beneficial and fitting tech tool for their business. To read more, click here.

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