Construction loan projects generally have several risks for private lenders. Circumstances such as leaving buildings halfway into completion and diverting loans for another purpose could severely affect the lender.  When lending for large construction projects, lenders who take the effort to develop and apply a set of best practices can be improved over time can reduce the risk to their finances.

Determining risks to the completion process is crucial to any construction project’s funding. Construction hazards include those that aren’t unique to the buyer. Lenders must be familiar with building specs, understand local legislation, and stay current on any changes to building codes. These risks are latent risks involved in granting construction loans and other traditional risks involved. Lenders can be pretty confident in their decision-making ability when it comes to lending decisions by developing a robust plan, as discussed.

  1. Insurance

Several insurances are involved in the decision-making process of a construction loan, mainly the Title Insurance and Builder’s Risk Insurance. With the title insurance to comprehensively cover the construction loan, an indemnity package that includes releases and lien waivers is often required. Also, builders’ risk insurance covers the cost of materials, supplies, and equipment that have been acquired for use in a project but have not yet been installed.

  1. Construction loan financing alternatives

Over the years, construction lenders have permitted borrowers to fund 100% of the final worth of the completed property. Nowadays, lenders often put loans at 75-80% to push borrowers to buy in and minimize risk for the lender.

  1. Consider requiring assignments

For lenders to protect themselves against situations such as owning a partially completed property when a loan is foreclosed upon, they may choose to request for assignments of contracts, permits, and plans.

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