This article focuses on the significant policy changes that Federal Housing Administration Commissioner Julia Gordon has spoke in regards to private mortgage insurance and the current housing market. The article dives into Gordon’s comments on where she stands on the issue of private mortgage insurance and how it is impacting the housing market.

Commissioner Gordon believes that the current PMI policy is too restrictive and should be adjusted in order to expand access to housing. She explains that while she understands the purpose of PMI, she feels that the current policy is preventing individuals who may have some risk in their credit profile from being able to purchase a home.

Another issue that Gordon believes needs to be addressed is the ability for many recent graduates to have difficulty qualifying for a mortgage due to the high cost of their student loans. She believes that when a person is able to demonstrate financial responsibility outside of their student loan payments, then they should be able to get a loan that fits their needs and budget.

Overall, Commissioner Gordon has made it clear that changes need to be made in order to ensure that everyone who wants a home is accessible to get one. The article also discusses other issues Gordon has identified, including the need for adjustments in the FHA’s credit score requirements and the need to increase the use of alternative credit tools such as rent and utility payments.These changes would likely help to increase the availability of housing and expand access to potential home buyers who might not meet the traditional qualifications. Commissioner Gordon is hopeful that these changes will be made in order to help more potential buyers get into their dream homes.

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