Romy Bowers, the Chief Executive of Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation (CMHC), will be leaving her position to take up a role with the International Monetary Fund (IMF). Bowers has had a significant tenure with CMHC, beginning work there as the agency’s chief risk manager before progressing to the chief executive in less than five years. Her expertise and leadership have been instrumental to the success of the company during her time there, and her departure is expected to lead to considerable changes within the company’s executive team.

Looking forward, this move signifies a career advancement for Bowers and strengthens the professional relationship between CMHC and IMF. Considering her robust experience in risk management and notable leadership skills, the IMF stands to gain a great asset in Bowers. Meanwhile, CMHC faces the challenge of filling the void that her departure will create. This transition presents opportunities for strategic reshuffling and potential growth within both institutions.

• Romy Bowers, Chief executive of CMHC, is transitioning to a new role at the IMF.
• Initially serving as CMHC’s chief risk manager, Bowers holds years of extensive experience and leadership.
• Her move to the IMF is seen as a significant career advancement and is expected to strengthen relations between the two institutions.
• CMHC now faces the task of finding a replacement that can capably fill Bowers’ departure and continue her successful work.

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