The CBC Mortgage Agency has announced the introduction of two temporary rate buydown features to enhance its FHA down payment assistance program on first mortgages. These additions aim to facilitate more affordable homeownership options for borrowers.

• Rate Buydown Option: Borrowers participating in the program will have the opportunity to “buy down” their mortgage interest rate by paying a lump sum upfront. This will lower their monthly mortgage payments, making homeownership more affordable in the initial years of the loan.

• Rate Reduction Option: The second feature allows borrowers to obtain a reduced mortgage interest rate for the first years of the loan. This temporary reduction enables borrowers to enjoy lower monthly payments during the initial period. The rate reduction option is designed to provide additional financial flexibility and support to homeowners during the critical early years of ownership.

The introduction of these temporary rate buydown features by the CBC Mortgage Agency is expected to alleviate some of the financial burdens associated with down payments for first-time homebuyers. By providing more affordable options, this program aims to increase homeownership opportunities and support the growth of the housing market.

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