Bay Area housing to be created from abandoned land.

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"Learn how the new law signed by Governor Gavin Newsom will soon transform a 32-acre "vacant" lot in the California Bay Area into housing. An exciting development for private lenders in the region!"

GSEs Targeting IMBs: The Buyback Debate

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"David Stevens, a trusted mortgage industry expert, dives into the benefits of private lending options for those bypassing the Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac GSEs. Learn the surprising facts about private lending - without sacrificing your investments."

Appeal Against HomeServices Denied as Trial Date Nears

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Dynamic, informative summary for Mortgage Industry news: "Federal court to hear commission lawsuit: HomeServices of America recently lost an appeal, and a trial for the dispute is imminent. Stay informed with the latest developments in the mortgage industry."

Mortgage Demand Decreases Further

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However, two new reports from the policymakers indicated that private lenders are still in an advantageous position. Discover how private lenders are taking advantage of an increasing interest rate environment with this new analysis from a mortgage industry expert. Get expert-guided insights into the recent developments, and discover how you can benefit from the changing rates.

HUD Budget: House vs Senate Divide

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House and Senate lawmakers have vastly different views on government spending, with HUD funding being targeted by the GOP. An impasse is potential with the divide so wide - find out what this could mean for private lenders.

Chime Enables Seamless Mortgage Experience with ChatGPT Integration

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Generative AI & ChatGPT technology combine to make real estate content creation easier & faster than ever: Discover how Chime Technologies of Phoenix, Arizona has advanced their platform to offer expedited content creation services for real estate marketing & communications.

Coldwell Banker Gains Top-Performing Mortgage Team from Rachel Swann

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Rachel Swann and The Swann Group have made the move to Coldwell Banker Realty in Northern California from Compass. Leverage the expertise of this proven team for a successful real estate experience. Find out how The Swann Group can help you with the services of a skilled residential mortgage specialist.

Ex-Sprout Workers Safeguard $3.5M Compensation Pact

2023-07-28T10:30:28-07:00private lender loan servicing, private loan servicing company|

This week, former workers of Sprout Mortgage took action in a New York court to ensure that a $3.5 million settlement for unpaid wages goes to its rightful recipients. Stay informed of the latest news in the mortgage industry with expert insights from our trusted team.

Aurora to Decide on Merger with

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This meta description for private lenders provides an overview of key industry news regarding Better lost's Q1 2023 losses and their current position as the 59th largest mortgage lender in the U.S. Get insight into how one of the biggest mortgage lenders is managing the current market conditions, and learn what it could mean for the industry at large.

defending challenge to Quicken’s ‘disparate impact’ theory NAR Responds to DOJ’s Challenge to Quicken’s Disparate Impact Theory

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This industry-expert summary concisely explains the NAR Reply Brief's claims to the DOJ, which assert that the government's arguments would cause legal instability. Learn what arguments the Reply Brief offers and why this could be a game changer for private lenders.

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