Retiree Cash Flow may be the Best Retirement Plan Available


William Hutchings, who is not old enough to retire in the traditional sense, works two days a week and enjoys spending the other five days any way he wants to. Tom and Roberta Standen, in their 70s, continued to work their cash flow business [...]

Stabilize the Ladder of Life before Climbing the Ladder of Success


Last summer, we had gophers up the “gump stump” terrorizing annual flowerbeds, perennials, shrubs, and our new turf. Actually destroying everything green and living in, on, and under the ground. Our defense included high-impact bombs, guided underground missiles, gopher gassers, laser beams, and an [...]

Survival In Tough Times – Using Entreprenural Skills


Many “old-timers” will recall the year 1979 when interest on real estate loans soared higher and higher, then finally skyrocketed exponentially almost overnight to over 20%. Jimmy Carter was President at the time and in late October of that year the Stock Market Crashed.  [...]

The “Subject To” Mortgage – Risks and Rewards


Recently, while performing our duties as a servicing agent for promissory notes and contracts, we noticed a proliferation of transactions involving taking title to property “subject to” an existing loan, all-inclusive notes wrapping around an existing note, and Contracts of Sale (sometimes referred to [...]

The Fractionated Note – Opportunities and Safeguards


It all started back in 1984. That is my experience in dealing with Fractionated notes. I had just retired from the California Highway Patrol where I served as an Area Commander and had begun training as a Commercial Real Estate Investment Broker. I received [...]

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