A recent lawsuit filed by plaintiff Misty Carter in Nevada has brought attention to eXp Realty’s ongoing issues with sexual harassment allegations. This case marks the third such lawsuit that the company has been embroiled in within a short span of time, indicating a troubling pattern of misconduct within the organization. The allegations in the lawsuit highlight the need for eXp Realty to address its workplace culture and take proactive measures to prevent future incidents of harassment.

Key elements of the text:
– Misty Carter filed a sexual harassment lawsuit against eXp Realty in Nevada
– This is the third sexual harassment lawsuit that eXp Realty has faced recently
– The lawsuit underscores ongoing issues with workplace misconduct within the company
– Calls for eXp Realty to address its workplace culture and implement preventative measures against harassment.

You can read this full article at: https://www.housingwire.com/articles/judge-dismisses-carter-sexual-harassment-suit-against-exp-realty/(subscription required)

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