Real estate coach Ashley Harwood has recently shared a set of proactive and proven methods for generating new clients in the mortgage industry, aimed at helping professionals increase their client base and grow their business. Harwood’s strategies have been developed through years of experience and research, making them a valuable resource for those looking to expand their reach and attract more clients.

Key elements from Harwood’s methods include:
– Implementing targeted marketing campaigns to reach potential clients
– Leveraging social media platforms to connect with a wider audience
– Building strong relationships with industry partners and referral sources
– Providing exceptional customer service to retain clients and generate referrals
– Utilizing networking opportunities to expand professional connections and attract new business

These strategies are designed to help mortgage industry professionals develop a comprehensive approach to client acquisition and retention, ultimately leading to long-term success and growth in their business. By following Harwood’s advice, professionals can position themselves as industry leaders and stand out in a competitive market.

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