When blockchain technology emerged in 2008 and became popularized by Bitcoin, thoughts about completely decentralized commerce and futures without banks erupted in rapturous public discourse. However, this future is still being formed. Today, networks of blockchains are being approached in a more regulated and goal-oriented manner. Blockchain’s current real-world accomplishments rely on a consortium-based approach to trust and ledger activity verification, as opposed to the initial premise of Blockchain, which was to enable an immutable trust-less system.

To reduce transaction costs, well-known settlement service providers work together on the same ledger using the same smart contract. In addition, new distributed ledger technologies are developing consensus-based methods for using the Blockchain in commercial areas.

A glance at the depth and breadth of mortgage blockchain innovation reveals movement toward what appears to be a transformation threshold that is self-evident:

  1. For lenders and purchasers, automate mortgage application, execution, and service.
  2. Increase product diversity without standing up people for each new mortgage product line.
  3. Utilize bitcoin lending markets to use it as security for loans
  4. Create a cryptocurrency mortgage by combining AI and Blockchain (stable coin-based asset, fungible)
  5. Processes and audits for due diligence on securitized mortgage pools
  6. Stable coins, non-fungible tokens, and Blockchain might be used to provide a market for house equity.
  7. Trade digital assets based on Blockchain (which includes mortgages)
  8. Title as a smart contract and NFT

Answering the challenging question of how to restructure the established patterns of your firm is the keen endeavor behind integrating blockchain technologies into your firm’s value footprint as a loan business. How can you use innovation like Blockchain technology to create present value more effectively and build new types of interaction, behavior, and profitability? To read more on Blockchain and the mortgage industry, click here.


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