Axylyum Charter, a firm intended at revolutionizing the troubled mortgage-backed asset field through innovation, is positioning its solution, AXY Wrap, as the parachute required to accompany the lending industry’s future. The product serves as new protection for retail and wholesale lenders by removing the risk of default, a concept never seen before in the business. As a result, this product enables lenders to concentrate on lending with complete confidence and without risk.

AXY Wrap is a portfolio-wide involvement alternative for wholesale and retail lenders, allowing for the 100% repurchase of notes in the event of default. This provides private lenders with a fantastic opportunity to raise their credit limits, strengthen their connections with their customers, and diversify their portfolios.

To dispose of a non-performing asset, a lender would normally need to hire a special servicer and an attorney. With the AXY Wrap option, the lender can regain their capital within days after receiving a Notice of Default. They can continue to lend while AXY sells the asset using one of the many exit alternatives.

AXY Wrap recently acquired over $500 million in default protection for Capital Mortgage Services of Texas, one of America’s most well-respected lending organizations. As a result, they could expand their lending capabilities and strengthen their relationships with their borrowers. The development of AXY wrap is a revolutionary idea in the lending space, and removing default risk for private lenders is a game-changer. To read more, click here.

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