This year’s HousingWire Annual magazine will be dedicated to the rising stars, vanguards, women of influence, marketing leaders, and game changers of the mortgage industry. The annual magazine provides readers with content that is thorough and agile, crafted by and for the top industry players.

In this magazine, these professionals will have access to the industry’s latest news and valuable insights into the trials, tribulations, and successes of the nation’s most influential mortgage professionals. Boasting more than a dozen award-winning writers from organizations such as The Wall Street Journal, Bloomberg, and CNBC, the magazine strives to provide readers with the knowledge and understanding needed to succeed as top professional in the industry.

This knowledge is available in many formats, including long and short form narrative analysis, interviews with the most influential in the industry, comprehensive rankings of companies, and entertaining anecdotes of one’s peers successes. The content also gives a fascinating glimpse into the trends, hot buttons, and opportunities that will shape the mortgage industry for many years to come.

Key Points:
• Dedicated to the top professionals of the mortgage industry
• Thorough and agile content crafted by and for the top industry players
• Access to the latest news and valuable insights for success
• Content in many formats such as narrative analysis, interviews, and anecdotes
• Trends, hot buttons, and opportunities that will shape the industry

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