Companies continually deal with high volume and tight regulatory supervision while managing a huge cohort of vendor partners, from mortgage origination to servicing. To be competitive when the pressure is on, lenders must provide higher levels of customer satisfaction, lower costs, or both. Increased efficiency is required to deal with the expanding complications, which will most certainly entail a more aggressive Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB). Technology will be the most popular answer, but implementing multimillion-dollar platforms to improve processes increases complexity before cost benefits are realized.

Lenders and servicers have spent a lot of time and effort optimizing their internal processes. However, you can’t fix a problem until you understand it completely. These are the issues that both lenders and servicers are dealing with. But unfortunately, they’re tucked away in the vendor management department.

Lenders and servicers are constantly pressed for time to finish their work. In a purchase money market, originators will lose out to faster competitors. Servicers, particularly those who service government-insured loan products, are bound by statutory deadlines that leave minimal tolerance for error.

Before the COVID-19 crisis, and even before the Fed began raising interest rates, margins were tight. Margin is the first thing to go in a highly competitive market, exacerbating the problem. This will make hiring vendor management professionals more challenging, and the workforce will become a solution with declining returns. Cost savings are impossible when the remedy entails bringing in more people to solve an issue. Increased automation is the only way to reduce costs and enhance profit margins. To read more on these factors affecting Lenders and their operations, as well as possible solutions, click here.

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