Lending volume in the past year exceeded everyone’s expectations, owing mainly to record-low mortgage rates. Closing problems unavoidably crept in as lenders tried to keep up with demand. As a result of this unexpected surge in volume, lending businesses across the industry are looking to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of their whole lending process. Thus, most lenders are moving towards digital solutions to get things done.

For instance, Snapdocs, a leading digital mortgage closing solutions provider, claims that its digital closing platform decreases closing errors by 80%. Hundreds of lenders have benefited from the platform, which has substantially reduced the number of missed signatures, initials, and other details. Snapdocs, on the other hand, isn’t stopping there. Closing Quality Control, a new feature designed to eliminate lingering faults in the closing process, was recently unveiled.

Lenders will have a better internal experience if the closing process is error-free. Lenders can then speed up funding, enhance employee experience, and simplify the secondary marketing process by using Closing Quality Control to ensure error-free closings.

Lenders are freeing up significant time and allowing their personnel to work on new revenue-generating opportunities by making the closing process as digital as possible. This benefits the lender and improves job satisfaction for mortgage experts, who can now spend more time developing new business and less time on labor-intensive, repetitive activities.

Finally, as the funding, post-closing, and secondary marketing processes become quicker and less labor-intensive, lenders can convert credit lines more quickly, saving money on interest and fees. Click here to read more on how lenders implement digital solutions to improve the closing process.


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