Successful real estate agents are setting their sights on the future of the market, emphasizing the need to understand the current trends to best prepare for the upcoming years.

Tom Ferry, the Founder of Tom Ferry International, spoke with us recently about his insights on the market. Ferry recommends developing an entrepreneurial mindset centered around pivoting when necessary to keep up with the changing market and industry technology. Additionally, agents are encouraged to take physical actions to build wealth, rather than relying solely on the changing markets for capital.

Key elements to consider for 2021:
• Entrepreneurial mindset: Stay flexible to new market opportunities
• Take action: Develop a physical strategy to build wealth
• Be proactive: don’t wait for the markets to change, plan ahead to see where it’s going
• Technology: Investigate resources to stay ahead of market trends
• Have a forward-looking plan: Start strategizing now for 2024 and beyond.

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