Non-QM lender AD Mortgage experienced a rise in origination volume in 2022. The company attributes its success to its ability to meet the growing consumer demand for alternative loan options. The company’s focus on providing custom loan solutions to a wide range of borrower types and its creative financing solutions for distressed properties has helped them stand out in the competitive mortgage market.

AD Mortgage works with a variety of loan programs to meet the many needs of their client base. The company has the capabilities to offer jumbo and non-QM lending options while also taking on “riskier” projects such as those involving distressed properties. This approach has enabled the lender to service a broader range of clients, including potential borrowers with complex credit profiles.

In addition to their broad loan selection and flexibility, AD Mortgage has available a variety of unique financing options to help borrowers with less traditional situations find the right mortgage solution. For example, their bridge loans make it possible for investors to purchase formerly distressed properties, while their non-owner-occupied fixed-rate and adjustable-rate programs provide specialized mortgage options to self-employed and other business professionals.

AD Mortgage’s success in the mortgage industry is a result of their ability to meet the ever-changing needs of their clients. By offering custom loan solutions and creative financing options for various property types, the lender has been able to increase their origination volume and reach more potential borrowers. Their approach has enabled them to keep up with the overall rising demand for alternative loan options in the current mortgage market.

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