Real estate brokerages and real estate teams have long been recognized as the backbone of the housing industry. However, the number of such firms or teams making the prestigious Inc. 5000 list is downward trending.

In the latest qualification period for 2022 listing, the Inc. 5000 list included over 60 real estate brokerage firms or real estate teams. This record number is often attributed to the increasing value of real estate across the United States as a result of low interest rates and a historically low housing inventory. However, in the 2023 qualification period, this number fell to just 36 which likely indicates a new trend in the real estate industry.

Main Points:
• Real estate brokerages and teams are an important component of the housing industry.
• In the 2022 Inc. 5000 list, there were over 60 real estate brokerages or teams listed.
• Low interest rates and low housing inventory likely contributed to this record number.
• This number fell dramatically for the 2023 list to just 36, indicating a new trend.

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