As a mortgage industry expert, it is important to understand what strategies loan officers can utilize to boost their repeat and referral business. To increase repeat and referral business, agents should focus on three specific steps.

The first step to increasing repeat and referral business is to track metrics. Agents should make careful note of the performance trends among their clients’ loan from their previous transactions. Additionally, they should take note of the marketing and sales strategies they used, and track the effectiveness of each strategy. By tracking metrics, loan officers will be able to determine which strategies are successful and which are not.

The second step to increasing repeat and referral business is to actively engage past clients. To ensure the positive sentiment of previous clients, loan officers should maintain ongoing communication with them. They should reach out and thank them for their business. Loan officers should also use this time to remind them to provide a referral to a friend or family member should the need arise.

Finally, the third step to increasing repeat and referral business is to nurture potential opportunities. Loan officers should take every opportunity to network with potential clients, either through in-person events or online social media platforms. By interacting with potential clients, loan officers will be able to build strong relationships which could result in repeat or referral business down the line.

By following these three key steps, loan officers will be able to increase their chances of receiving repeat and referral business over time.

Key Points:
• Track metrics to understand effective strategies
• Maintain ongoing communication with past clients
• Utilize networking to connect with potential clients

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