The US housing market is an incredibly complex topic but, for the most part, there is a certain pattern of behavior across the nation. This year, however, experts have noted that there will be wide variation in the condition of the housing market from region to region. This will be a result of changes in legislation and regulation, supply and demand, population dynamics, and affordability.

Though health of the housing market is typically gauged by median home values and new construction, this year the success or failure of local markets will depend on a variety of factors. Homeowners, buyers, real estate agents, businesses, and investors should all be aware of their local market conditions in order to make better informed decisions.

Important elements of the text:
• Complexity of the US housing market – Difficult to generalize nationally
• Expect regional variation of housing market conditions in 2021
• Several factors influence regional success or failure of markets
• Homeowners, buyers, agents, businesses and investors should be aware of local market conditions

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