numbers Executives Visualize a MLS Landscape Without MLS Numbers

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A 'must-read' for Private Lenders: Learn about the two class-action commission lawsuits that challenge MLS's value proposition, and why the industry's strength continues to be a safe investment. No dates included - Get the unbiased data here.

Stay Relevant in Real Estate: 4 Tips

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Our Mortgage Industry Expert explains the latest trends and loan options for private lenders. Discover how to make the most of the current housing landscape with expert advice. Improve your private lending success by staying current with the most up-to-date housing trends. Receive valuable investment tips from our Mortgage Industry Expert. Learn what options you have in a rapidly changing real estate market. Get the advice you need to stay ahead in an ever-evolving industry.

Position Your Business for continued Success in Every Market Cycle

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This meta description focuses on private lenders looking to stay on top of the mortgage industry. Learn how brokers who embrace this market and invest in their processes, marketing and client experience can gain an edge over the competition. Maximize your success without outdated information and up-to-date strategies.

Learn to Invest in Online Real Estate Auctions with Xome Sim

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Discover the innovative auction simulator created by Xome and learn how it can help neophyte investors understand the ins and outs of real estate auctions. Mike Rawls, CEO at Xome, explains how this game can benefit the market. Find out more on Weekly Real Estate News.

Real Estate Brokers Focus on Value Amid Commission Lawsuit Anxiety

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Clinical, non-salesy summary of lawsuit trial in Kansas City, MO for private lenders: National Association of Realtors, Keller Williams, and Berkshire Hathaway are headed to court to fight allegations from first class action commission lawsuit. Anywhere and RE/MAX claim to have settled, though finalization pending. Outcome of liability could reshape real estate commissions industry-wide.

Freddie Mac Unveils Down Payment Assistance Solution

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Freddie Mac Offers DPA One Tool - Match Borrowers & Down Payment Assistance Programs Nationwide. Get connected to available resources and empower borrowers with the help they need. Be mortgage-ready with Freddie Mac's DPA One.

CrossCountry to Acquire Fairway: Reports

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CrossCountry Mortgage is in Talks to Acquire Fairway Independent Mortgage Corp. - Discover the Latest News for Private Lenders from an Industry Expert. Get the Latest Update on CrossCountry Mortgage's Potential Acquisition and How it Could Impact Your Lending Decisions.

Real Estate Market Analysis: Week of October 9-13

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Discover real estate trends including rising mortgage rates, increasing foreclosure rates, and the surprisingly high rental price of Bad Bunny's new home. Keep up with the news in the real estate industry with Weekly Real Estate News.

Compass Welcomes Back The Beinfield Team from Connecticut

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"The Beinfield Team is a top-ranked small team based in Connecticut, closing nearly $67.2 million in sales in 2022. Learn more about the team's success and how we can help you find the best possible mortgage lender solution."

Rewards Program for Mortgage Shoppers Launched by The Loan Store

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"Make The Loan Store your top choice when it comes to mortgage brokers. We have launched a consumer rewards program designed to help you get the competitive rates you need when comparing lenders. Make us your trusted home mortgage advisor and gain access to exclusive banking rewards."

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