CMHC Head Romy Bowers Departs for Role at International Monetary Fund

2023-10-30T10:54:18-07:00loan servicing private lenders|

"CMHC Chief Romy Bowers transitions from risk management to IMF, proving her dynamic leadership abilities. Learn about her journey and impacts on the mortgage industry."

Which City is the Rattiest in the US?

2023-10-27T14:40:09-07:00private lender servicing, private mortgage loan servicing companies|

Meta Description: Get the inside scoop on which city in the U.S. has the most rodent-infested homes and the practical steps private lenders can take to protect their properties. Learn more in this informative post on Weekly Real Estate news.

Real Estate Market Highlights: Oct. 23-27

2023-10-27T14:08:09-07:00private loan servicing company|

Discover how the real estate landscape is changing: find out about the increase in home sales, rise in retail crime, and Jamie Dimon selling some of his JPMorgan shares. Keep up-to-date and informed on the latest news to better serve private lenders.

Judge Denies Request for Judgment as a Matter of Law in HomeServices Lawsuit

2023-10-27T06:27:42-07:00private mortgage loan servicing, private mortgage servicing companies|

Private lenders take notice! HomeServices executives gather to declare they do not provide operational advice or influence commission decisions for franchisees. Get the scoop from an industry expert on this important news and what it means for private lenders.

Audit Tech Stacks to Optimize Mortgage Operations

2023-10-26T09:56:01-07:00private lender servicing, private mortgage loan servicing companies|

Maximize your potential in the private lending industry with help from this expert-authored guide. Increase efficiency, reduce costs, and increase ROI with the tools you use by learning more about the process. Get the best advice and up-to-date information on maximizing your potential with technology today.

CoStar achieves 50th consecutive quarter of double-digit revenue growth

2023-10-25T05:39:48-07:00loan servicing for private money lenders, private mortgage servicing companies|

CoStar Group's commitment to excellence has enabled them to achieve 12% revenue growth for 50th consecutive quarter. This indicator of financial success is a testament to their continued dedication to providing reliable data and insights, allowing investors to maximize ROI.

Reform Federal Regulators Reviewing Proposed Updates to CRA Reforms

2023-10-24T14:39:34-07:00private loan servicing company, private mortgage loan servicing|

Discover how the recent Federal Regulators Update to CRA impacts private lenders and their mortgage industry. An in-depth review of the nearly 1,500-page final rule by the American Bankers Association will help navigate these changes.

, Virginia First 3D-Printed Home to be Constructed in Newport News, VA

2023-10-24T13:48:59-07:00private money loan servicing|

This informative article covers the exciting news of the first-ever 3 bedroom 2 bathroom 3D-Printed home coming to Newport News. Learn how private lenders can take advantage of this cutting-edge technology to get ahead in the home buying market.

Housing Rents Decrease for Second Month:

2023-10-23T14:11:19-07:00loan servicing private lenders, private lender servicing|

Learn how the drop might impact private lenders. This September saw the median asking rent drop for the 5th consecutive month, presenting a unique opportunity for private lenders. Discover how the decline could affect their investments and strategies in the mortgage market.

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