for fifth straight month Inventory Shortage Continues: Fifth Month in a Row With YoY Decrease

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Get a comprehensive overview of the mortgage industry's changes due to housing inventory data. Understanding the Mortgage Industry's Evolution in Light of Historic Low Housing Inventory - Get an overview of the mortgage industry's 2020 results: Learn why active listings have increased 30,940 in 2022, while this year only 5,848 listings have been recorded. A must-read for private lenders.

Guaranteed Rate Gains Sole Ownership of Premia Relocation Mortgage

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"Guaranteed Rate, a top 10 U.S. mortgage lender, has acquired full ownership of the Premia Relocation Mortgage business through its purchase of shares from Sirva. Get the full scoop on this major transition in the lending industry on our blog today!"

UWM Broadens Bank Statement Loan Options

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Self-employed borrowers can receive up to $3M in loan offerings with no tax returns needed! Discover UWM's new 4 bank statement loan programs and explore how you can achieve financial freedom without showing income.

Fannie Mae Guidance on Low-Income Refinancing Released

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See how you can get the most out of Fannie Mae's RefiNow to save money for lower-income borrowers. Get the full story on income eligibilty, repayment terms, repayment options, and more. Help bring affordability and security to your finances with RefiNow.

PeerStreet Crowdfunding Bankruptcy Filing Confirmed

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Facing the challenging mortgage market, Peer Street and its 14 affiliated debtors needed to raise capital to stay afloat. Learn how they sought out venture capital and ultimately filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection. Read on to find out the secrets behind navigating a difficult financial landscape.

FHA Requiring Form for Borrower Language Preference

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This meta description highlights a significant new measure by the FHA which should become increasingly attractive to private lenders: requiring lenders to collect language preference information from those seeking financing- as praised by the National Consumer Law Center. Access financing on YOUR terms and get the financial services you need.

Zillow Stops Operating Closing Services

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A New Look at Private Lenders: Zillow Shuts Down Title Services, Seeks Tech-Enabled Platform to Realize Housing Super App Vision. Get the inside scoop on the exciting changes in the private lender industry from a mortgage industry expert.

GSEs Preserve Homeowners’ Equity with 60,000 Foreclosure Prevention Actions in Q1

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"Unlock homeownership possibilities: Discover the impact of GSEs in the conservatorship process, per the FHFA's latest report. Over 6.7 million Americans have now been aided in attaining a place they can call their own."

Summit Suzy Lindblom, Arc Home COO, to Speak at HW Annual Summit

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This 155-character meta description focuses on the benefits of attending HW Annual: Connect with professionals in the housing economy, learn how to grow, innovate, and win market share, & be part of the capstone mortgage event. Connect with industry experts & experience the power of learning at the most comprehensive mortgage event.

Southern Residents Suffer Higher Mortgage & Credit Costs: CFPB

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Copy: Struggling consumers in the Southern US now face even tougher restrictions when trying to take out credit, with high interest rates. Get informed on the CFPB's recent updates, to ensure access to competitive rates.

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