about current economic trends Homebuilders Wary of Current Economic Trends

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For Private Lenders: Discover why homebuilder sentiment levels unexpectedly dropped below the key break-even measure of 50, despite difficulty of mortgage rates standing at 7%. Learn more about the implications for the mortgage industry in this expert perspective.

Guaranteed Rate Affinity Takes Legal Action Against Ex-Originators Over Unpaid Compensation

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"Former loan originators are facing accusations from Guaranteed Rate Affinity of breach of contract due to allegations that they have failed to repay signing bonuses and commissions after leaving the company. Mortgage industry experts have the inside scoop on this news."

Mortgage Rates on the Rebound After Two Weeks of Decline

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Mortgage rates continue to stay above 7% even as investors focus on the potential impact of increasing headline inflation prior to next week's announcement from the Federal Reserve. Get expert insights on this important development and what it might mean for private lenders.

HGTV Approves Zillow Gone Wild Series

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Catch the comedic antics of Zillow Gone Wild in a new nine-episode series on HGTV! Follow Instagram's wildly popular account with 1.8 million followers and get a glimpse of the hilarity that ensues with weekly updates! Private lenders don't miss this opportunity to catch the crazy side of the mortgage industry.

MSR Market Feeling Impact of GSE Repurchase Risk

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An excellent meta description for private lenders seeking to sell mortgage-servicing rights (MSRs): Stay informed on the rising challenges from Fannie and Freddie for small lenders selling MSRs. Learn how to manage the buyback pressure with expert industry insights and strategies.

Refinancing Boom’s Downside: EPOs, Negative Amortization

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"Lenders and loan officers are turning to private lenders to capitalize on refi comeback. Learn how they're planning to pull it off and ensure optimal returns without incurring any Early Pay-Off penalties. Read what experts think to give you peace of mind"

Opinion: How Independent Mortgage Banks Have Evolved

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Create an SEO-friendly meta description without using dates: Long-time independent mortgage banks (IMBs) face an uphill battle in today's uncertain mortgage markets. Despite centuries of success, IMBs are now frequently finding themselves struggling to stay afloat in the ever-changing landscape of the mortgage industry. By utilizing their unique strengths and knowledge of current trends, IMBs can still compete to gain financial stability. Find out how.

Home Prices Rising Again: West Coast Per CoreLogic

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"Property prices in 11 US states have declined annually since July, but the latest CoreLogic data suggests a potential turnaround by October. Gain insights into how the markets have shifted and the impact on private lending."

Maximizing Referral Success Through Real Estate Database Setup

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Learn how to create a steady flow of repeat and referral business in our Mortgage Industry Expert 12-month plan. Get past getting ready to get started mode andceive valuable tips on maximizing your database. Our plan is tailored to help private lenders get into action and make the most of their digital marketing!

EasyKnock Buys Home Maintenance Company Onder

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"Residential sale-leaseback platform EasyKnock continues to make strides in the proptech industry, now acquiring startup Onder. Get insight into the latest investment from a mortgage industry expert and find out how this move makes EasyKnock a leader in proptech for private lenders.

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