Blend unveils cost-effective solution for retail mortgage brokers.

2023-10-17T10:16:48-07:00loan servicing for private money lenders|

Discover how Blend's lower-cost mortgage suite was designed to increase efficiency and save costs for retail independent mortgage banks. Learn how this suite enables banks to better serve customers, improve productivity, and gain a competitive advantage in the mortgage industry.

Stay Relevant in Real Estate: 4 Tips

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Our Mortgage Industry Expert explains the latest trends and loan options for private lenders. Discover how to make the most of the current housing landscape with expert advice. Improve your private lending success by staying current with the most up-to-date housing trends. Receive valuable investment tips from our Mortgage Industry Expert. Learn what options you have in a rapidly changing real estate market. Get the advice you need to stay ahead in an ever-evolving industry.

Real Estate Brokers Focus on Value Amid Commission Lawsuit Anxiety

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Clinical, non-salesy summary of lawsuit trial in Kansas City, MO for private lenders: National Association of Realtors, Keller Williams, and Berkshire Hathaway are headed to court to fight allegations from first class action commission lawsuit. Anywhere and RE/MAX claim to have settled, though finalization pending. Outcome of liability could reshape real estate commissions industry-wide.

Mortgage Industry Faces Legal Test as First Broker Commission Lawsuit Goes to Trial

2023-10-16T09:23:12-07:00loan servicing private lenders, private mortgage loan servicing companies|

Discover the fate of guaranteed shared compensation as private lenders face the Sitzer/Burnett commission lawsuit in an all-important trial. What will be the outcome for the mortgage industry? Find out now.

for Home Loan Solutions Coldwell Banker Adds Glennda Baker’s ‘Diamond Squad’ for Home Loan Solutions

2023-10-13T05:45:34-07:00private mortgage servicing, private mortgage servicing companies|

"Glennda Baker & her team of 5 experienced real estate agents have made the leap to Coldwell Banker! Specializing in the greater Atlanta market, they bring considerable expertise & knowledge to their new role. Get the inside scoop on this exciting shift & learn how it impacts the local market today."

Shows Buyers Are Ready to Jump in Mortgage Apps Rise; Buyers Preparing to Enter Market

2023-10-12T07:45:06-07:00private money loan servicing|

Discover what a 15% uptick in ARM applications could mean for Private Lenders. Learn the details of this rise in mortgage application activity according to the Mortgage Bankers Association's Joel Kan. Get the facts, and see why this news could be beneficial for your business.

Viewpoint Show Focuses on Multifamily Investing.

2023-10-12T07:26:07-07:00loan servicing private lenders|

Maximize your private multifamily investments with professional guidance from a mortgage industry expert. Learn the strategies to expand your portfolio and generate reliable returns. Get the latest insights from ‘Viewpoint’, an upcoming episode that provides all the facts and insider tips you need to succeed.

FTC & CFPB Crack Down on TransUnion for Rental Screening Breach

2023-10-12T06:35:41-07:00loan servicing private lenders, private lender loan servicing|

Meta Description: Need Housing and Rent approval? Learn what the CFPB and FTC are doing with TransUnion's rental background checks and how this may influence your approvals now and in the future. Keep up with the latest news from Wrenews,com today.

UWM Raises Conforming Loan Limits: Impact on Homeowners

2023-10-12T08:20:07-07:00private lender loan servicing, private mortgage servicing|

Get Tomorrow's Mortgage Industry Updates Today! Learn How UWM Raised Its Conforming Loan Limits to $750,000 & How Other Firms are Faring Ahead of the FHFA's Decision. Keep Up Now & Stay Competitive.

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